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Knisley’s Construction has been installing windows and doors for over 30 years, and that makes us experts when it comes to delivering quality and value. We understand the differences in value, style and price so we can provide you with recommendations that fit your style and budget.

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We offer one of the widest varieties of wood and vinyl windows available from top national manufacturers. Explore our products, our energy efficient choices, and our outstanding technology and see how Knisley’s can reduce your energy costs.

Windows 101


Not all Windows are Created Equal

Since there are many choices for materials, styles, and energy efficiency of windows and doors, we’ve prepared some basics that will help you learn more about the different styles that will ultimately make your home as unique and comfortable as possible.

We can handle almost any window needs:

  • Replacement Windows
  • New Bay Windows
  • New Home windows
  • Replacement glass
  • Specialty windows
  • Skylights
Casement Windows

Casement windows are cherished for their open views and graceful operation. This popular style is characterized by a hinged sash that swings out with the turn of an easy to reach handle.


Casement windows provide you with unobstructed views and open fully – catching breezes and invite the flow of outside air into your home. When closed, the sashes lock in place for a tight fit.

Best Locations

Casement windows are perfect for places where you don’t want to lean over such as over a sink, appliance or countertop. Their signature crank-to-open feature makes them ideal for these locations.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have a classic charm. They feature two sliding sash, allowing you to raise the lower sash to pull in a cool breeze or lower the upper sash to allow hot air to move outside from the warmer ceiling air. Double-hung windows are an inviting choice for any home due to their versatility in opening the top or bottom sash for ventilation.


Double-hung windows contain a tilt-wash feature that allows you to clean the inside then the outside of the window without having to go outside. Also, by having the option to open the top sash for ventilation in rooms with children, you can rest easier knowing they are safe.

Best Locations

Double-hung windows are a good choice when windows are next to walkways, porches or patios, since they do not open outwards and do not use up space outside the home.

Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows offer the same classic style as double-hung windows but you can only raise the bottom sash.

Sliding Windows

Perfect for difficult-to-reach areas. Sliding Panels open by sliding one sash horizontally, gliding past the other.


A sliding panel allows for simple operation. Today’s modern home styles are a perfect fit for these beautiful gliding windows.

Best Locations

Ideal for spaces that are next to walkways and patios, since gliding windows do not swing out, or use up outside space. For homes with children, it’s a good idea to place higher on the wall.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are usually placed above or below other windows – and over doors – mostly for ventilation and extra light. Typically a beautiful accent window, awning windows are practical as well. They are hinged at the top and open outwards like an awning.


They make a beautiful, yet functional addition to any room. Because they are typically placed higher on a wall, they help maintain privacy in a room, while still allowing for ventilation.

Best Locations

Frequently used to flank picture windows, or placed nicely in a row, or as a column.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bow & Bay windows are sets of windows, typically three in a row, that that pitch outward from a home. Perfect for walls that have limited space, they open up the room and create a spacious feeling by allowing for more windows.

Typically, Bay windows are sets of three or more windows jutting outward from a room. Bow windows vary from bay windows, since they are typically made up of four or more window units joined at angles, making a curve.


Use a bow or bay window to maximize space and take advantage of having multiple views. These kinds of windows can make rooms appear quite spacious because it increases the flow of light into a home. It can also add a new counter type of surface to a room due to the nature of these windows.

Best Locations

Bay and bow windows typically add a new dimension to a room, which creates a very custom look. Suddenly a smaller room feels more spacious with a new Bay or bow window. Consider these types of windows in rooms that need more natural light and in living rooms and master bedrooms.

Fixed Windows

These windows cannot be opened. Perfect for creating that custom look. Because these Fixed windows are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, you can create a variety of looks and ambiance in a room. They are available in a variety of standard, feature and custom exterior cladding colors. They can be used by themselves, in a variety of designs with other products so the possibilities are practically endless. Fixed frame windows are available in sizes up to 48 square feet.


Choose a picture window in a room that can take advantage of a view. Picture windows are perfect if you just want to take advantage of some nice natural light.
Appropriate on any home style that can accommodate a large feature window. Used appropriately, it compliments the architectural style.

Best Locations

They welcome light into darker rooms and when used in conjunction with operating windows and patio doors, they can create beautiful light in a room.

Specialty Windows


Garden windows are typically used to add light and architectural interest to any room. Commonly installed over the kitchen sink for growing herbs or houseplants.

Specialty Shapes:

Special shape windows typically come in rectangular, curved and angled shapes and at angles other than 90°. They can be used by themselves or with other products, providing endless combinations.

Angled Window

Angled windows offer a strong focal point for your interior and exterior designs. Whatever your architectural style angled windows create a unique and custom look to your home.


Are designed to allow light to enter the home and are installed on sloped surfaces.

Door and Window Construction

Few things enhance your home more than windows and doors. Different materials are available for different project ideas and goals.


The warmth and beauty of wood interiors are available in pine and can be painted or stained to match any decor. Mahogany, Douglas Fir or Alder interiors are also available.


Vinyl windows and patio doors offer a quality low-maintenance product with the overall value and energy efficiency. When choosing windows and doors, vinyl is always a great choice. It has properties that make it a good insulator. And, unlike wood, vinyl windows and doors will never rot or require painting and repainting. And unlike aluminum, vinyl windows and doors will never pit or flake. With vinyl, washing them down every so often will keep them looking like new for years.

Fiberglass Composite

Fiberglass is the strongest, most durable material available in windows and patio doors. These products can take most anything, including extreme weather, impacts and sea air. Fiberglass can easily show wood grain, and can take paint or stain.

Premium Steel

Steel entry doors not only provide exceptional durability; they can complement the exterior frame color. Fire-rated steel doors also available

Glass Options

The climate in which you live affects which glass you should choose in your windows and doors since it impacts not only your comfort but your energy use and costs. Specific considerations are exposure to sun and noise, and also the window placement and size should be considered.

Low-E Insulated Glass

Low-E Insulated Glass is a great product for those homeowners who like to save energy and reduce the cost of their heating and cooling bills. The Low-E coating helps reduce heat transfer through the glass. It also helps to keep the house quiet from outside noise. Plus, it helps keep the colors stable in your carpet, window treatments and walls by keeping out harmful UV rays. Low-E Insulating Glass can also be insulated with a gas or a film to help with insulation.

Impact-Resistant and Safety Insulating Glass

An advanced polymer layer is inserted between two layers of glass, providing sturdy protection from flying debris. It increases the safety, security and energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, it dramatically slows outside noise and harmful UV rays, while offering sometimes needed protection against intruders and forced entry? Great use in locations that might endure hurricane-force winds or where additional security or noise reduction–may be desired.

Privacy Glass

Allows you to enjoy the privacy you may need while still allowing natural light to enter the home. This clear glass, available in a variety of textured surfaces, will add natural light to intimate spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Decorative Glass

Choose beveled or leaded glass for extra style.

Masonite Exterior Doors


We can install any name brand door on the market but, we exclusively distribute the Masonite® brand door which is the market leader in interior doors, with patented panel and door designs and unique styles that are only available from Masonite. Masonite also offers unbeatable value in entry doors. They offer the broadest range of panel designs, glass options and available material choices – all at an affordable price. Masonite® also provides lasting durability and timeless performance.

Why Choose Knisley’s for Window and Door Replacement?

Customers have turned to Knisley’s Construction for window and door replacement for more than 30 years. We can help you modernize your existing windows and doors to not only give your home a new look and feel but make it much more energy efficient and provide year-round comfort.

Knisley’s Construction has the history, reputation, and resources to make your custom home construction project a great experience. We offer expert craftsmanship and superior knowledge of quality name brand materials.

We’re not a tailgate contractor, or a big box outsourcer. We’re an independent, quality, custom builder with real hometown values.

We offer best of class service, quality materials and a satisfaction guarantee. Rest assured that Knisley’s will guide you through the process from start to finish, while you maintain the freedom to choose products and style that are uniquely you.

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